Monday, June 15, 2009

New Version: @home DreamTV System v5.0.6.1 (8)

Happy to announce the release of our latest TV system available in the ZoomTV,PlasmaTV & DreamTV models. This is version (8)

We have replaced video playback on the TV with support for videos from the FREE adult site

This new version plays and supports all XXX videos available on

New Features
Choose from thousands of XXX videos from
Easily add/remove the XXX videos to your TV menu and watch them over anytime directly from SL.

The new Tube8 Channel holds up to 200 XXX videos added from to the menu/memory.
All the XXX videos on work on the TV now. New XXX videos are added daily.
You can also upload your favorite XXX videos to and add them to your TV menu.

How to Play/add XXX Videos from to your TV

To play or add an XXX video from, Go to and Copy the URL of the webpage containing the video you want and paste it on SL chat. Press Enter.
The TV will play this video instantly and also save the video to its menu.

Examples of a tube8 webpage URL containing a video is

This is the URL you find on your web browser's address bar when you open a video on the website.

Copy and paste the URL on sl chat and Press Enter, the TV will play the video also save this video to its menu.

All videos entered on chat are automatically saved to your TV's menu for easy access watching them again anytime you like. So you don't have to enter a video twice. You can find the saved xxx videos on your TV menu by clicking the Tube8 button on your TV's Main Menu.

Now available at the @home Main Store (Wall sim) and @home Superstore (Dream on Bay)

Free updaters are also available for older TVs at the @home Main Store, Update Center Section.

Stay Tuned for more!

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Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight: you are saying you can view tube8 videos directly on your TV?

(Free Porn)