Friday, November 9, 2007

SLCN launches 2 new TV Channels

SLCN has just launched 2 new TV channels, adding up to a total 7 live TV channels available in their offering.

Again celebrating 2 very important aspects of the SL culture: Music and Shopping.

The new channels (1) Music Channel -- Showcasing in-world music, concerts and live performances. If you have attended many of the live concerts in-world, you will be amazed by the talent of musicians in secondlife. Now you can enjoy the music of your favorite SL artists/bands and discover new music all from your home TV in world.(this is coming soon to your @home TV and @home Cable TV Receiver). I also like the exposure this will give many talented musicians. Original music has always been a great part of our SL experience.

The second new channel is the Shopping Channel (ShoppingSL) -- In-world merchants/content creators bring their unique creations to showcase on this channel. We know that shopping is big in sl. With at least 4 shopping SL websites, in-shopping adverting run up to tens of thousands USD and with lots of unique items created and listed for sale everyday in SL, this channel gives marchants/creators the oppotunity to present their creations to the SL Community. As residents, when we are looking for the newest hot item (clothing, dance moves,animations,gadget, sculptie), we can now watch the creators do a DEMO all from our home TV in world. We also get to know the creators/marchants and some of the back-story behind our favorite products. (Also coming soon to your @home TV and @home Cable TV Receiver).

Once again congrats to Wiz Nordberg and Starr Sonic in getting all this together. We are watching!!!

For more details on SLCN and the new channels go to


Starr_Sonic said...

Thank you for the wonderful write up hear nightlife. We also really appreciate your fantastic work on the @home screens that make watching SLCN so easy. Keep up a fantastic work!

nightlife overlord said...

Thanks Starr, am glad to see it come this far and look forward to the future :)